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Bath Bombs FAQ

Bath Bombs are a perfect addition to any bath, great for relaxation, for your skin, and gives your bathroom a soothing and relaxing scent from the essential oils.

What is a Bath Bomb?

Bath Bombs come in all different shapes and sizes, when dropped into the bathwater it begins to fizz and dissolve rapidly, releasing its scent, oils, colour, and botanicals into the bathwater.

All of the ingredients used in our bath bombs are natural, pure, vegan friendly, and are designed to soothe, detox, and help you to relax and unwind.

What do Bath Bombs include?

Our Bath Bombs are made using simple raw ingredients, these include Sodium Bicarbonate (Bicarbonate of Soda), Citric Acid, Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt), and Cornstarch. As a Carrier Oil, we use Olea europaea (Olive) fruit oil, as this is a light, unscented oil, great for the skin and very moisturing. We also only use pure essential oils, they each have their own health benefits, whether that is being relaxing or has uplifting properties. We also use natural, vegan-friendly micas to add a little sparkle and colour to the bathwater.

Why do I use certain ingredients in our Bath Bombs?

Sodium Bicarbonate and Citric Acid - React together, release carbon dixoide and that is how the fizz happens when it meets the water.

Magesium Sulfate - When dissolved in the bath it can help to relax tired muscles and loosens stiff joints. It is easily absorbed into the body.

Cornstarch - Similar to Cornflour and is great for holding the bomb together, and slowing down the reaction for when the Sodium Bicarbonate and the Citric Acid meets when it hits the water and dissolves and fizzes.

Olive Oil - Helps to moistuise and hydrate you skin, a great unscented carrier oil.

Pure Essential Oils - All have relaxing and uplifting properties, some having both, so your body will just take what it requires.

What is the expiry date on our Bath Bombs?

Our bath bombs last a very, very long time - when kept in the correct conditions. Try to avoid removing the Bath Bomb from its packaging unless you want to use the product, as this will keep any moisture out and will keep all of the goodness inside.

We always recommend using our Bath Bombs sooner, rather than later - this is to ensure you get the freshest and best quality product.

Can our Bath Bombs be cut in half?

Yes, you can cut or break the Bath Bomb in half, if you feel like its too big for just one bath, but ideally, we recommend using the whole Bath Bomb at once to ensure you get the full benefits from the essential oils and botanicals that are used in these products.

Are these ingredients safe to go down the drain?

Yes, all of the ingredients used to make our Bath Bombs are natural and safe to go down the drain, there is no need to worry about any blockages.

Are our Bath Bombs safe to use whilst pregnant?

Most of our Bath Bombs are safe to use whilst pregnant (always avoid Clary Sage, however), but if there is any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us or a professional physician.

Are Bath Bombs Safe for kids?

Yes, and No, it is up to the parent or guardian to ensure they follow the instructions that are guided on our products. We recommend that our Bath Bombs are not suitable for children under the age of 4 years old. Young children have more sensitive skin than adults and not all essential oils that are used in our Bath Bombs are not suitable for children. If there is any doubt however and you want to check, please do not hesitate to contact us or ask a professional physician.

Do Bath Bombs irritate your skin?

No, our Bath Bombs have not caused any skin irritations, we have plenty of customers who have sensitive skin and never had any problems. We only use natural, pure ingredients to ensure our Bath Bombs to suit every skin type. It is, however important to not use whilst having broken or irritated skin.

Are Bath Bombs good for the skin?

Yes, they are highly moisturising and great for all skin types, great for relaxing and uplifting depending on what your body requires.

Will the Bath Bomb change the colour of the water?

Yes, depending on the scent of Bath Bomb you have chosen and what size will depend on how deep the colour of the water will be.

All of the micas used in our Bath Bombs will not stain you or the bath.

Do I need to clean my bath before or after using our Bath Bombs?

Yes, we recommend using a clean bath before using our Bath Bombs, this is to ensure none of the ingredients or pigments from the mica is able to cling onto the sides of the bath. After leaving the bath and draining the water, we recommend rinsing the bath, just to ensure all of the dissolved Bath Bomb, oils and other botanicals are washed away down the drains.

Choose from our 6 different scented Bath Bombs, each having their own scent and health benefits, Click on each one and it will take you to its product page:

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