These amazing little car diffusers work the exact same way as regular reed diffusers, they can be made with a variety of different scents, then simply let the oils soak into the cork top and enjoy on the move in your vehicle - hanging from your mirror or anywhere else in the car! Even Better is these can last months! So will save you money in the long run, when they have come to an end - why not return them for a refill! Choose from our 13+ fragrances plus our new diffusers come in Black, Silver, Pink or Gold!

Car Diffuser

  • Car Diffuser Directions:

    1. Unscrew cork/chrome top
    2. Remove plastic seal
    3. Screw the cork/chrome top back on
    4. Gently shake bottle, so it absorbs into the cork-top
    5. Hang from mirror or somewhere else in the car, ensuring you tie a knot
    6. Repeat step 4 every now and again to get the scent refreshed
    7. ..... and enjoy! 

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